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At your service: BWP Google XML Sitemaps 1.4.0!

Today, in celebration of 200,000+ active installs, I'm excited to give you guys BWP Google XML Sitemaps version 1.4.0!... more



Everyone wants their pages to load fast because that makes visitors and search engines happy. WordPress itself is lightweight and optimized for speed, but when plugins and themes come into play, performance can suffer a lot.

As I have pointed out in a previous article, speeding up WordPress is firstly a developer's duty. The thing is, if a huge number of plugins are loaded on a single page, it's nearly impossible for anyone... more


Great WordPress Plugins (Small Giants) – Part 2

A WordPress plugin can choose to be great instead of big, and it seems obvious to me that people always want to use an efficient plugin that is somewhat feature-limited, rather than a plugin that does a lot of things, but also uses a lot of resources along the way.

In the previous article in this Small Giants series, I have introduced five plugins that are very useful, but lack awareness. This time,... more


Ten Useful WordPress Constants You Might Love

A WordPress constant is simply a variable that can not be changed once it is defined. As static as a constant is, it still plays an important role in controlling how your WordPress works.

If you are asked to name some WordPress constants, it would not be a surprise if you mention ones like WP_DEBUG, ABSPATH, or WP_LANG, because they are somewhat widely used. In this article, I will list and explain other... more


WordPress BugNet – Part Two

This is the second post in the WordPress Bugnet series, in which I will list another five WordPress bugs that have not been fixed in recent versions of WordPress, along with their statuses and workarounds if available. Make sure you check out the first post, too!

By reading this series, you might be able to figure out if something's wrong with your blogs, and hopefully, fix it without the need of a bugifx... more

Dummy Data for WordPress

Dummy Data for WordPress

If you are a developer (regardless of what you develop), you know that testing your product out is one of the most important steps in the development process. Apart from running functionality tests you might also need to run scalability as well as compatibility tests and that's where dummy data come in.

For WordPress you will most of the time need dummy data for posts, users or categories, things that take times to... more



33 tips in total! ... and counting! “Did you know...”

Script Localization for WordPress

Ever wonder how to localize your Javascript within a plugin? This tip will show you how!



Version: 1.4.1
Released On: 01/15/2016 – ssr免费订阅地址
Downloads: 142,941 times

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The first WordPress XML Sitemap plugin that comes with comprehensive support for Google News sitemap, Sitemap Index and Multi-site. Extend functionality via flexible modules, not just hooks!

Version: 1.1.3
Released On: 06/10/2014 – What's new
Downloads: 55,956 times

Better WordPress External Links

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Version: 1.1.0
Released On: 06/15/2014 – What's new
Downloads: 29,602 times


Helps you add Polldaddy Polls to your WordPress website easily. This plugin focuses on the front end, i.e. you edit your polls on and you choose how to show them on your website.

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